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Reformer Pilates

Stability • Lengthen • Flexibilty

What can Pilates do for me?

A consistent Pilates practice delivers fitness improvements ranging from stronger muscles built by resistance work, greater range of motion throughout your joints, to deep core control built through stabilization exercises.

Expect little to moderate perspiration and heart rate increases from your Reformer workouts. Pilates is not aerobic exercise and does not work muscles to failure. Over time Pilates Reformer training will improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and most importantly, posture.

Our Coaches

John Wade
John is certified by The Pilates Coach to instruct at Reformer levels 1 through 3. He has been instructing since 2006 and enjoys a multi-faceted fitness career. Emphasizing correct, safe and effective Pilates classes is his motivation.

Pamela Nelson
Pamela is Reformer certified by Bender training. She enjoys working with people at all fitness levels, especially beginners and those just returning to exercise. Pamela has a special interest in helping her clients to re-connect with their bodies and experience the freedom and joy that connections brings.


Group Reformer Classes

  • Single session $20
  • 2-session Intro to Reformer $69
  • 5-session package $86
  • 10-session package $155
  • 20-session package $289

*2-session Intro to Reformer training is a pre-requisite for those new to Reformer Pilates to be able to attend Reformer classes.

Semi-Private Reformer (pricing is per person)

  • Single session $37
  • 5-session package $171
  • 10-session package $314

Private Reformer Coaching

  • Single session $63
  • 5-session package $293
  • 10-session package $524

Reformer Pilates Annual Memberships available.

Please contact Eren Sanborn for pricing at 775.770.7877 or ESanborn@primehealthcare.com

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