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60-DAY Transformation

Reset - Accomplish - Change

Ready to embark on your personal weight loss journey?

Transform your health, gain more energy, strength and confidence with our 60 Day Transformation.

Your steps to success:

  • Create your plan: Your Health Coach will connect you to your personal trainer, your dietitian and meet with you biweekly to assist you in making sustainable changes. (1 Orientation + 3 Check-ins)
  • Train: Your Personal Trainer will conduct a pre- and post- comprehensive fitness assessment and meet with you 2 times per week for your personalized workouts. (2 Fitness Assessments + 14 Training Sessions)
  • Eat well for weight loss: Your bi-weekly nutrition consultations will help keep you on track with your nutrition goals. (1 Consultation + 3 Check-ins)

$549 Members | $599 Non members

For more information please one of our Membership Representatives.
Or contact Catie Doucette at 775-770-3801 or Cdoucette@primehealthcare.com.

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