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Nutrition Services at Saint Mary's Fitness Center are available for both members and non-members! Schedule one on one consultations with one of our experienced nutritionists to learn how to shift your eating habits to reach your goals. Our focus is on education and meeting the individuals' needs based on your health history and goals.


  • Complimentary private consultation, available every 6 months
  • 20 minute Check-In Packages available, please inquire for prices

Referral options:

  • $60 for 3, 45 Minute Consultations
  • Physician’s referral required, please inquire.

**Disclaimer: There are no Registered Dieticians on staff at Saint Mary's Fitness Center. Nutritionists have a specific scope of practice as compared to Registered Dieticians (RD). Depending on your needs an RD may be more appropriate. Call the Nutrition Coordinator for more information.**

(775) 770-3800

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