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June 2014 Member Newsletter

There is exciting news to announce related to Saint Mary’s Center for Health & Fitness. Effective June 1, 2014, Saint Mary’s Medical Center will terminate the management agreement that has been in place since January 2009 with Club One/Active Sports Clubs. As a result, Saint Mary’s will assume full operational control of the Center for Health & Fitness. In leading up to this transition, Saint Mary’s has diligently been doing the work to effectively hire the majority of the current Center for Health & Fitness employees, which includes over 100 people.

How does this affect you? For the most part, our members will be largely unaffected. However, there are some new services and features that we will be rolling out in the coming months. The most noticeable will be our new club management program. We are in the process of converting from our current platform, MotionSoft, to Jonas Fitness. We believe the new platform offers greatly improved functionality and new online options that we’ll be making available to members. As with any transition of this significance, there will likely be some unforeseen issues that may temporarily impact your experience. If so, we appreciate your patience.

Also, this summer, you’ll notice work being done throughout the Center including improvements to the locker rooms, a facility facelift, new consultation areas, and new exercise equipment.

The member rewards program, WellPower, has ended, and we will be implementing a new member rewards program this fall. In the meantime, we have a record of all award points that have been accumulated to date and those points will be transferred to the new program when it goes live.

Overall, this is a very remarkable time in the life of the Center. Harnessing the full support and resources of the hospital will mean greater efficiencies and more opportunities for our members and the community. It’s our commitment to continue making Saint Mary’s Center for Health & Fitness a place where people love to exercise so you can experience the power of exercise!


Functional Movement and Mobility with Iain
Monday, June 2 at 11am, Tuesday, June 3 at 8am, and Thursday, June 5 at 5pm

Functional training refers to movements that mimic how we use our body in everyday life. In this demo, you will learn basic biomechanics and proper range of motion so that you can move your body efficiently in everyday life.


June 14–September 6

Informational meeting Saturday, May 31 at 1pm

Join trainer, Eren Sanborn, for The Highlights of Tahoe: bi-weekly hikes around Tahoe and Truckee. All hikes will be moderate to difficult and will vary in distance between 8 and 10 miles. Participants should be able to hike the minimum 8 miles at a pace of 2.5 mph before joining the group.

To sign up for the Saint Mary’s Hiking Club, check out our Hiking Club page on Facebook. Space is limited!

Looking to gear up to hike The Highlights of Tahoe this summer? Join Eren’s small group training class on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30pm starting May 4 to improve your endurance and strength for these amazing hikes.

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