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June 18 - Group Support Equals Individual Inspiration: Today, your task is to attend a group exercise class so you can benefit from the camaraderie and enthusiasm it provides.

Time and time again group exercise classes have proven individual long term success in exercise adherence through camaraderie and rewarding motivation. Today, take a step outside your comfort zone and try out an aqua, spin, Zumba or other fitness class! If you cannot attend a class, then take a walk with a group of coworkers or a friend. Being part of a group can keep you accountable, challenge you physically and provide meaningful relationships in your life.

The ever growing popularity and variety of group exercise classes has proven to provide highly effective physical and personal fulfillment for many generations. This includes achieving amazing results that many people just can't attain on their own.

Here are just a few of the benefits of group exercise:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved body weight
  • Increased resilience, strength and resistance to disease and depression
  • Positive social support that encourages participants to make their lives better

Find classes that fit your needs. We have the most extensive and varied offerings in the area! We welcome new comers and accommodate everyone who is willing to get in shape. Bring a friend that will help you stick to your fitness goals. Read the description and even just observe one to get the idea of what goes on. Allow yourself the right to make mistakes while learning. We all do! Give yourself room to improve. Progress not perfection.

Be brave and seek out a new class today. It's a fact that having variety and different approaches to your exercise regimen helps build adherence and self- confidence. Exercise can be a regular part of the rest of your life. You deserve to enjoy getting in shape, andVariety is the spice of life!”

John Wade is a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Professional Dancer since 1992. He enjoys teaching a variety of different classes, such as Pilates, dance, aqua, chair fitness and step, to diverse populations and fitness levels. "I am motivated to provide direction in exercise and dance to help people achieve that intrinsic sense of ageless and timeless accomplishment that makes them feel invincible".

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