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June 14 - Take Care of Others by Taking Care of Yourself

Take time for yourself so you can take care of others. What does this mean to you? Does this sound too selfish or too hard? Whatever you previously thought or felt about this concept, set it aside and ...

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June 13 - Turn Off the Electronics

The topic of electronic device use has become a heated issue in recent past. It’s affects on mental and physical health are concerns for both children and adults. Some medical professionals call ...

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June 12 - Maximize Your Workouts with Food

Nutrition is a vital part of exercise and sports training – the right food choices equal better results. Think you’ll see faster results by eliminating food before or after you train? ...

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June 11 - Find Your Motivation Mentor

Lack of motivation can be a number one culprit for people not achieving their fitness goals. While there are numerous ways to overcome a lack of motivation, finding yourself a fitness role model is ...

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June 10 - Plan for Your Success

Now that you have a clear vision of your goals and the person you would like to become, your challenge is to set yourself up for success with planning. To be successful in life in general, or with ...

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