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To our valued members,

These past months our entire world, including the Biggest Little City, Reno, has responded to the global outbreak of COVID-19. Although these have been challenging times for all; there is a silver lining. The compassion shown by those working in service of others has spoke volumes. This compassion carries into courage, support, and an attitude of optimism as we overcome adversity. During this unprecedented challenge, all Saint Mary’s Network employees have risen to the occasion every step of the way, shown this compassion in many different capacities, and provided our community with the highest level of healthcare services. These employees include your Fitness Center employees, as we were able to repurpose our staff to the hospital in order to provide assistance and support in various departments. All employees within Saint Mary’s Network provide us with resilience, which gives us immense confidence that we can and will overcome any challenge we face.

As we start to overcome these challenges and step into the “now normal,” we will see businesses adapt at a rapid pace. Our community is starting to re-open business doors and we are looking forward to re-opening the Fitness Center's doors on June 1st. The re-opening of the Fitness Center will be carried out in a responsible and meaningful fashion in order to provide members with the highest level of cleanliness and safety. Along with taking steps to ensure your health, we want to make sure you are comfortable as well. Saint Mary’s Fitness Center has and will continue to be, a warm and welcoming place, a home away from home, and a space where we build community. A feeling of comfort that uplifts all members and staff alike. This feeling has never been more important than now, as we as human beings seek to reconnect and heal.

Saint Mary’s Fitness Center is committed to creating an experience that is exactly tuned to that need — providing safe, familiar, and comfortable experiences upon every visit.

Here is an outline of what you can expect during your visit to the Fitness Center once we open Phase One:

  • Employees and members will be required to pre-screen prior to entering the facility. This involves a temperature check and a COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  • Members will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering the Fitness Center and frequently throughout their visit
  • All employees will be required to wear a mask
  • Modified hours upon re-opening:
  • Monday – Friday: 7am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 5pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Shortened hours are to allow time for deep cleaning
  • Strict disinfecting and sanitizing protocol, particularly for high-touched surfaces like exercise machines, weights, and railings
  • Lockers will remain closed
  • Personal training sessions will be held at a six-foot distance and will be hands-off
  • Members will be asked to use spray and wipes to sanitize equipment before and after use
  • Fitness Floor - All equipment will be spaced out and every other cardio machine will be operational
  • Group Fitness Classes:
  • Will be scheduled to allow at least 30 minutes between classes for cleaning
  • You will need to reserve your spot in class prior to arrival as attendance will be capped at a lower capacity
  • You will no longer need to get out or put away your weights – everything needed for a class will be laid out in advance, in spaced-out stations
  • Massage
  • Will follow all new protocols implemented by the State Board of Massage Therapists
  • Showers, steam rooms, saunas, spa facilities, pools, and Kids In Motion will remain closed during the initial re-opening
  • Details for Phase Two will follow

I also wanted to provide some insight into what our cleaning protocol and procedure consists of at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. Our Fitness Center is in complete compliance with Saint Mary’s Medical Center, as we follow the hospital's cleaning guidelines and implement their procedure within our Environmental Services Department. Our staff works around the clock to make certain our facility stays safe and clean at all times.

Along with our Environmental Services Team, we utilize an outsourced company, Enviro-Master. Enviro-Master provides facility-wide disinfection with the use of their Virus Vaporizer machine. This machine provides:

  • A reduced level of bacteria by 99% immediately after treatment and keeps the levels of bacteria down by 95% throughout the week
  • The Virus Vaporizer disinfectant is an EPA registered, hospital grade, NSF approved product for food contact surfaces; proven to kill Influenza, Norovirus and 45 other viruses and bacteria.
  • The Virus Vaporizer disinfectant has also been approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), meeting the EPA’s emerging pathogen requirements for viruses.
  • See Enviro-Master’s Virus Vaporizer™ Service in action by clicking the link: https://youtu.be/quzDKL8lnBs

Thank you for being a dedicated Saint Mary’s Fitness Center member. We look forward to welcoming you back to the fitness center soon!

With gratitude,

Christina Ghiggeri | Director

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